Gallery walls can be an expression of your personality

Looking to add a little pizazz to your walls?Then read on for my tips on how to create a feature gallery wall.

Wall decor…. I just can’t get enough of it! For me it just adds a level of depth and interest to a room. Whether that’s in a gallery collection, singular statement art or more unusual pieces.

If you follow me on Instagram you will often see my living room gallery wall featured. It started with around four pieces and has since blossomed and grown into its current form. It’s now an integral part of the room that adds a heap of personality, whilst also providing a fantastic backdrop for my mustard sofa.

Gallery walls are an opportunity to not only express your creativity, but to also showcase your personal style. They can transform a bland wall into a design feature in its own right.

Mix it up

Surrounding yourself with artwork that speaks to you in some way, whether that be by it’s colour, composition, photography or wording is a fab way to get creative. There are no rules in my opinion, if it makes you happy just go for it and don’t be too concerned about keeping it uniform. Some of the best gallery walls I have seen are an eclectic mix of witty typography, reprints of classics, framed postcards, you can even mix in a clock or macrame hanging -it’s really about filling a space with things you love.

adding a gallery of prints above/behind a large piece of furniture helps to pull the space together.

Choosing the style of your gallery wall

You can opt for one colour scheme and choose prints in the same tones or go for a mix of contrasting colours, sizes and themes for a more eclectic vibe – it’s your wall so just do whatever pleases your eye.

When I started my main gallery wall I chose to use black frames as a contrast against the pale grey wall colour, from there it grew organically and I found myself adding more colour over time. As sofa’s and chairs are large blocks of one colour, having a backdrop of a gallery wall can make the space feel much more unified, especially if there are pops of the same colour in prints and soft furnishings.

Choosing prints and forming a layout

How do I choose the individual prints? Well that‘s just a case of me spotting something in a store or online that stops me in my tracks, makes me smile or in the case of my Beatles print serves as nod to my love of their music, I’ve found so many great small businesses via Instagram, who produce really fabulous artwork so I do try to support them whenever I can.

My hallway gallery of dachshund prints
my most recent gallery wall at the top of my stairs has a positivity theme.

A well curated gallery wall can be a real talking point so if you’re considering starting a gallery wall I would say, take your time, choose prints that you immediately feel drawn to in some way, wait until you have collected a few then lay them out on the floor to visualise how the formation will look on the wall.

laying prints out on the floor helps to gauge which formation will work best in the space.

I find it really useful to choose one larger print as a starting point in the middle of the wall and then work my way outwards. The general advice on spacing is to keep it even to stop it looking disjointed but hey, I’m generally no perfectionist so mine is all over the place  and that’s the way I like it.

Finally a top tip, if like me you’re no expert with a drill, check out a nifty gadget called a Takker, you can get them from Amazon and they are absolutely brilliant and only leave a tiny hole if you get it wrong, which is pretty unlikely. Another popular picture hanging option are Command Strips, although I personally haven’t used these.

Till next time…..

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