This week’s style file features living room styling ideas with the much loved, French brand La Redoute.

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Unless you’ve been hiding in a cave for the last few weeks you’ll know that it’s officially summer sale season. So if you’re planning a room refresh or starting from scratch, now’s the time to bag yourself a bargain.

I’ve found some gorgeous pieces in the La Redoute online sale so have put together a mood board. It features my top picks in a beautiful muted green and pink colour palette, with touches of luxe metallics.

Living Room Mood board based on current sale items at La Redoute, July 2021

The room scheme is based around a fabulous Art Deco style rug that I spotted months ago. Trust me, if I could have made it work in my own home, I would have snapped it up way back.

Living room furniture

I’ll start off with a few staple pieces; seating, sideboard and coffee table. All standard components of a functional living space.

Relaxed seating

The Jimi Day Bed in Celadon Blue, Sale price £299.25
Image credit: La Redoute

It’s not typical for a living room, but there’s something appealing about choosing a day bed over a traditional sofa. The Scandinavian inspired Jimi day bed has clean, simple lines and natural pine legs. The soft tone of the Celadon Blue immediately conjures up a sense of tranquility. It is sold without a mattress but they can be picked up relatively cheaply from a variety of retailers. I can imagine how totally relaxing and indulgent it would feel to kick back on one of these beauties. Of course there is the danger of never wanting to prize yourself off it!

Structured seating

You may be short on space, have no need for extra soft seating or just prefer to keep things simple. Either way, using dining chairs is a viable option when additional seating is required. This set of 2 Bonna Printed Stackable chairs, have a cool retro vibe, are practical and look the bees knees.

Set of 2 Bonna Printed Stackable Chairs, sail price £148.50. Image credit: La Redoute

Coffee table

Personally, I love a coffee table within easy reach of the main seating. From a practical point of view, it’s somewhere to safely place a drink, pop down your book, phone etc. It can also be a statement piece, crying out to be styled with decorative accessories. I always like to include a plant/flowers, a candle and my favourite – coffee table books. I have a collection of interior books that I like to rotate as it encourages me to read them!

The Ruben triple coffee with its three colour-way tempered glass is absolutely stunning. Although a considered purchase, its unusual 3 table tops design is guaranteed to add heaps of luxurious, contemporary style.

Ruben Tempered Glass Triple Coffee Table, sale price £402.50. Image credit: La Redoute


Sideboards have been around for centuries. They were particularly popular with the affluent middle class Victorian’s who afforded a room dedicated to dining. Before the emergence of fitted kitchens, sideboards (also known as buffets) were used to store crockery, glasses and table linen. With the ever increasing popularity of stylish drinks cabinets, the traditional sideboard has since come into its own.

The rounded design of the Topim vintage-style sideboard / bar is a great example of style meets functionality. This green and walnut sideboard with its gold finish is a perfect storage solution for your drinks collection and glasses. Used as a general storage solution it offers plenty of space for anything you’d rather hide away.

Topim Bar / Sideboard, sale price £402.50. Image credit: La Redoute

Soft furnishings

So I have a weakness for rugs, not to mention cushions too. You’d only have to do an inventory in my home to realise the extent of my collection! Soft furnishings are an extra layer that give a space it’s depth and texture. Rugs and cushions can make a huge difference to the look and feel of a room. If you ever find yourself a little bored with your living room, try just changing these two things. It’s really quite surprising how the switch can renew a room.

As mentioned at the start, my mood board was inspired by this Green/Gold Seda Wool & Viscose Rug. Its strong graphic design gives me all the Art Deco vibes, a style that I’m a big fan of. This stunning rug really packs a punch and would add the wow factor to any room.

La Redoute have a wide range of cushions in various finishes. I particularly like the natural texture of linen and think it adds a touch of luxury. The Onega Washed Linen Cushion Covers are available in 12 colour choices. You could use a mix of contrasting colours or keep it tonal for a more subtle effect.

Onega Washed Linen Cushion Cover, £9-£15. Image credit: La Redoute


When it comes to lighting, most designers will advocate using more than one light source. A mix of overhead, accent and task lighting is preferable. Ceiling lights placed in the centre of the room illuminate the entire space but are not heavily used. Floor lamps and wall lights can be added as accent lighting and help to highlight wall art or architectural features. Table lamps are typically placed next to a seating area. But work equally well as a decorative piece on a sideboard, to add extra ambiance.

Statement lighting

Ceiling lights with a strong design aesthetic can add real character and be a focal point in the room. Overhead lights should be chosen with the overall size of the room in mind. Choosing a light that is too small runs the risk of it getting lost, too big and it’s overpowering.

I have several white opaline glass lights, with gold accents, in my home. I love how they produce a diffused light, which is much softer to the eye. It’s not surprising then that I was drawn to the Moricio Brass and Opaline Pendant Light and White & Gold Wire Table Lamp.

The stylish glass sphere design pendant light would make a real impact set against a dark painted ceiling. This fabulous table lamp, inspired by the Art Deco trend, marries together the sophistication of white glass and gold metal. The result – timeless and chic elegance.

So that’s my round up of a few living room styling ideas from the La Redoute sale. I hope it demonstrates that you can easily blend different styles within one room scheme. In this case, Art Deco and contemporary. My motto, as always…….if you love it, try it!

All items detailed are currently available via the La Redoute website and prices shown are correct as at 10/07/21.

Living Room Mood board based on current sale items at La Redoute, July 2021

Till next time, Jo

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