Whether you’re looking to add privacy or hide a multitude of sins, window film is an easy and affordable makeover option.

Conservatory with green and monochrome decor, cane furniture and glass film window treatment
The finished window treatment

Why I wanted to use window film.

Let me explain what got me started on this mini project. I have a traditional style conservatory on the back of my house that was fitted many years ago. It’s a welcome addition in the spring/summer months and a great space to sit and relax. It does however, directly overlook, and is in close proximity to the patio seating area.

Due to Covid restrictions, the whole family have been socialising outdoors more frequently. As a result, I’ve noticed it can feel a little obtrusive when using the conservatory at the same time. Cue the thinking cap to see how to address the issue. I do have window blinds that I could pull down but it’s not ideal to do that during the day. My main aim was to add privacy without compromising on the amount of daylight that streams in.

Conservatory with green and monochrome decor and cane furniture
The outdoor seating area is in close view from inside the conservatory

A secondary issue is misted window panes; a problem I’ve encountered over the last couple of years. I’ve already replaced the glass on the double doors but two more panes have now suffered the same ill-fate. I will be replacing the affected glass panes and then refitting the film once the new ones are installed.

Why window panes mist

Misting happens on double glazed units when a gap appears between the two panes of glass. This then allows moisture to get in, causing misting of the glass. Common causes can be; badly fitted windows, old windows that have deteriorated over time, damaged seals due to wear and tear. I remember when it first appeared and I thought the windows just needed a good clean!

The unsightly culprit, the misted window pane

The best and safest course of action, is to have the windows replaced. However, if you have to wait and want a temporary fix then window film is a quick and easy solution. It should be noted that misted windows can affect energy efficiency so leaving them in situ for too long isn’t recommended.

Using decorative film is an easy and budget friendly way to add privacy to your windows

Window film is an easy to install and budget friendly way to transform the look of your windows in double quick time. Glass film adds a level of privacy, which is especially suited to windows that are overlooked or on a busy street.

Using a film with a dense pattern is a great option for bathroom windows, as an alternative to installing blinds. It doesn’t block out any natural light and there are many decorative options available. It’s a perfect solution if you’re looking to do a window makeover on a budget.

Using window film gave me the privacy I was looking for.

My goal was to add privacy on the side return of the conservatory. Ultimately, diffusing the view of the outdoor seating area. It was an added bonus that it also masked the unsightly misted windows, which are thankfully on the same side.

Importantly, I still wanted a clear view of the garden through the patio doors and adjacent windows. For that reason, I didn’t apply film on that part of the conservatory. I certainly don’t want to miss an opportunity to see my surprisingly healthy hydrangea as I’m still amazed it’s alive!

I’m a big fan of vertical lines in decor, so chose the frosted stripe design below. After carefully measuring the areas to be covered, I went ahead and ordered from Amazon

For me, the window film adds just the right amount of privacy, which according to the manufacturer is 60%. I’m also hoping that the diffusion of light helps to combat sun damage to fabrics. The product details state it has 99% anti UV, but time will tell. I’ll be optimistic and hope for the best!

Conservatory with green and monochrome decor, cane furniture and windows that were given a budget window makeover using striped window film.
I can still see out but I have the muted view I was after

How to install the product

First things first, clean the windows, making sure there is no dust left behind.

Then follow the steps below:-

  • Measure the size of the window and cut the film
  • Spray the window with plenty of water until fully wet.
  • Peel off the backing film.
  • Place the smooth side of the film onto the window, starting at the top.
  • Remove any air bubbles with a squeegee or credit card.
  • Trim any excess film using a sharp knife.
  • Stand back and admire your work!

This really was a budget window makeover!

To cover my four window panes I ordered two rolls of Zindoo 90 x 200cm window film, at a cost of £19.29 each. Total cost of project came in at £38.58.

The end result is better than I expected

I’m over the moon with the overall effect and ease of application. It has made such a difference to the appearance of the windows, which now look pretty darn smart. Achieving this level of privacy and style for less than £40 is definitely a winning result.

Before and after images of conservatory windows with decorative film applied
Love how the window film design mirrors the lines in my rug.

The longer term plan is to replace the conservatory with a more modern structure. Or at the very least, replace the side windows with reeded glass and install a new roof. But Rome wasn’t built in a day and for now, I’m more than happy with the mini makeover.

Till next time…..


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